Sunday, 15 April 2018

New Watercolor of a Butterfly titled "Transformed"

I decided I wanted to try my hand at a butterfly pen and ink with a watercolor wash.  I wanted to have a lost edge somewhere so decided to leave the left edge of the wing to fade into the background.

I used bold, bright colors of Orange, red orange, lime green, yellow and a touch of blue.

What I find that is the easiest for me to do is to draw a 5X7 rectangle on a scratch piece of paper.  Then draw my image within the rectangle so I know where I want the placement of my image.  Then I scribble graphite onto the back of the image, line the rectangle up with my 5X7 watercolor paper, and then using a stylus, I trace over my image and transfer it to my watercolor paper.  That saves me from erasing on my watercolor paper and disturbing the fibers.

All of my artwork is for sale on my facebook page #DKJartoriginals

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