Monday, 26 March 2018

Travel Art Journal

My husband and I flew to South Africa in January/February for 2 weeks and had such a wonderful time.  It has been one of the most wonderful trips we have taken so far.  Here is a view of the travel journal that I kept while we were on the trip.  When we arrived in Capetown (which was the end of our two weeks in South Africa), we then boarded the Queen Mary 2 for about 17 days and disembarked when we arrived in Adelaide.  We spent 3 days in Adelaide which I thoroughly enjoyed and then flew home.

Below are some images of the pages of my travel journal.  I just wish I had started travel journals years ago for all of our trips because we have been on some amazing trips.

I took along with me a Winsor and Newton watercolor palette with the small brush that came with it.  A refillable waterbrush, some small stamp sets (mostly words), small stencils, distress ink pad and applicator, permanent black archival ink pad, some rub ons and some stickers that I thought might apply to this trip, my black permanent ink pen, washi tape and of course my Jane Davenport Journal and some of her watercolor paper inserts as well as her plastic dividers/stencils.

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