Friday, 13 April 2012

These charms are ones I received when participating in a chunky charm swap with for Spring.  You can view the charms I submitted in an earlier post.  This set came from Donna Reinhart ( - it is very beautiful and dainty.  I love the concentration of pink - it definitely has a spring feel to it!  She also added a small container with extra beads!  It was a great bonus.

This charm was submitted by Kimberly Brady - I love the choice of colors and the charms she added were really cute.

This charm was submitted by Trisha Hamilton (  I love the apple green colors paired with the yellow in this charm. This color of green is one of my favorites (next to plum!)  
I just want to send a very heart felt thank you to these ladies for the charms.  I love them and am very happy with the ones I received.

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